Hailing from the Northern California Bay Area, the members of Toy Called God have already earned their stripes in the "land of freedom" since the bands inception in June 2010. With multiple nationwide tours, and countless shows in and around the Bay Area, the band continues to spread its music to the masses, taking each new step toward the ultimate goal in making Toy Called God a household name on a global scale. Influenced by a wide variety of musical tastes, Toy Called God writes its music with a familiar flavor, but adding its own unique spice that instantly grabs the listeners attention and leaves them craving for more. With powerful lyrics that narrate a tone of a society on edge sang by David Hechim, backed by an instrumental powerhouse of raw energy through the combined talents of guitarist Patrick Donovan, bassist Dustin Phillips and drummer John Riggs. "Toy Called God" continues to be a force to be reckoned with, bringing that raw energy to its fans through its multiple studio recordings and live on stage performances.