Toy Called God Would Like To Thank The Following:

Rebecca Buchanan
Sabrina Rowan
Sandy Simpson
Zack Cliff
Michael Rukavina
Sean Henson
John Riggs
Paul Simpson
Larry Howe
Andy Galeon
Damian Lewin
Fireplant Guitars
Justin Moreau
Home Wrecker Pickups
Joshua Hernandez
Pick Caddy
Knucklehead Guitar Strings
Eric Vellone
Tim Narducci
Sonic Room
Mike Sloat
Rana Rene
From Hell Artwork
Melissa Mari
Duane Mullen
Lomorri Christine
Nic Padilla
Nic Padilla Promotions
Leif Jaeger
107.7 The Bone
107.7 The Bone's Local Licks Show
Snake Eyes Radio
Club Paradise
DJ Narly Beast
95X (WAQX) Syracuse NY
Saturday Night Scream
Joe Detomaso
101.9 (WDSP) Fox Fm Internet Radio Grand Strand SC
DJ Lace
DJ Midnight
William May's Rock N Roll Page
William May
90.9 (KRCL) Salt Lake City Utah
Maximum Distortion
96.3 Helena Suba's Rock Radio On Knight Radio
Helena Suba
95.7 The Panther Internet Radio
Rαηα Hєηslєy "DJ Aηgєℓ"
Eye's Sewn Shut Radio
The Seed Internet Radio
92.9 (KKID) Salem Mo
The KKID Basement Tapes
Metal Messiah Radio
Metal Mom
Dj Datis
Wicked Spins Radio
Chris Roberg
Tom Zegers
TurBo's Metal Meltdown
Preston Kibbey
Zack Kranium
Jessica Linder
Tammy Galer
Julie Watts Photography
Sandy Simpson
Red House Studios
Brian Chamberlin
Kwansah Mahdani
Brian Stephens
Myki Angeline
Zach Loveless
Rebecca Von Greenbean
Rich Harris
Al Homfeld
The Plea For Peace Center
Middagh Goodwin
Falcon A!
Estebo Estes and Family
David Ray
Das Global Radio Network
Darren Diolosa
Chris Vasquez
Kristina Wolf
Alex Martini
A.J. Curtis
Pushing The Sun
Greg and Rikki Paul
Damon Malagise
iLL WIllis
Brad Hulme
Billy Krithinitis
Jareth Gonion
Dawna Gonion
Tracey Sweetring
Tamara Cockayne
Kris Neeley
Timothy Bednarz
Jeff Totten
Moni Para
Project Independent
Craig Locicero
Spiral Arms
Eric Jones
Adam Alvarez
AKA Concerts
The Indie Authority
Benji Womack
Steve Clayton Inc.
Warwick Basses
Rex Goulet
Aron Marten
Pickstrap Picks
Euphoria Fresno
Brad Gomez
Tim Hobart
Rock The Mountain
Ed WIlliams
Metal Ed Promotions
Trudy Amlin
Total Metal Radio
Pete Malloy
Georgia Robertson
Lexx Stanley
Berkley Liberation Radio
Diane The Great
DJ Marcel Flashback
David Martin
Ozcat Radio
Stargazer Radio
Jc Cullen
Lolly Topps
Radio Riff
Jim Eckley
Thrash Metal Society
Preston KIbbey
Phil Toole
Daniel Forst
Underground Music Coalition
FCC Free Radio
Josh Figg
Steven Morris
Eric Reuther
Justine Eckstrom
Cozza Cozz
I'm A Metal Head
Guitar Center of Emeryville
Guitar Center Of San Francisco
Geddes Music Brentwood

We could thank so many more of you, we truly love all of you.

In addition many many anonymous sound persons who rock, every band we have had the honor to share a stage with
and most of all our friends, fans and families without whom none of this would possible!
All Images, Music, and Content © copyright of Toy Called God and Patrick Donovan.